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The WaterColor Gallery

Type: Museums
Status: Open
The WaterColor Gallery exclusively features watercolors, specializing in transparent watercolors, impressionistic, contemporary, realistic, Southwestern, Oriental and mosaic batik. Artists include: Rosemary MacBird, Liisa Gildea, Richard Picardy, Wayne Bender, Marsha Davis, Dick Halbert, Thelma Parsons,Dorothy Marootian, Diana Sipple, Ellie Freudenstein, Mary Ellen Wehrli, Ric hard A. Kent, Bill Drysdale, Joe Hawa, Elaine Twiss and more. Open daily.

Events scheduled: Nothing current listed
Area: South County
City: Laguna Beach
Operator: WaterColor Gallery
Address: 1492 S. Coast Hwy
Keyword(s): Painting

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Call 494-8838 with questions.
Call 494-8838 with facility reservation requests.

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