Wildomar OHV Area

Please take the time to read these notes before riding

The Wildomar Off-Highway Vehicle Area is made available for your use through an agreement with the U.S.D.A. Forest Service and the California State Department of Parks and Recreation. This is the only area within the Trabuco Ranger District where off-highway riding is permitted. These trails and the adjoining campground are made possible by California State Green Sticker money. No fees are charged for their use. We hope you enjoy the area safely and within the rules and regulations given in this handout.

It is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations that apply to your use of the Cleveland National Forest. If you have any questions regarding your planned activities contact any local Forest Service Station, the Visitor Center at El Cariso or call the District Headquarters in Corona at (714) 735-1811.

The information that follows is presented with your safety, the safety of others, and the need for compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to use of this area in mind. All California State laws pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles apply here. Copies are available from your local DMV office.

Rules for Vehicle Use

1. Non-highway legal vehicle use is permitted in the OHV area only. Riders in the parking area, on forest roads or in the areas next to the road are subject to citation if the vehicles are not equipped and licensed for street use or if the operator is not licensed for state Class C vehicle operation. The San Mateo Canyon Wilderness is adjacent to the OHV area and vehicles are not permitted within its boundaries. Please observe all signing, barriers and fencing boundaries.

2. Your vehicle must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will issue an adhesive ID (green sticker) which must be placed on the vehicle so it is easily seen. The entire sticker must be legible and current. The muffler must meet State and Federal sound emission regulations. Drivers license and registration papers must be readily available.

3. The brake system must be operable.

4. Your OHV must have a USDA Forest Service approved Spark Arrester.

5. Operation of any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited.

6. All applicable state laws are enforced including use of helmets on three and four wheel vehicles and for riders under age 16.

7. Certificates for juvenile riders are required.

8. Ride safely with consideration for the safety of other riders.

Unsafe riding, vandalism and failure to comply with regulatIons have caused other areas to be closed. Help us to keep this site open and available for your recreation use.

Fire Safety

Your OHV must have a USDA Forest Service approved Spark Arrester to ride on this National Forest. There are several companies that make a Spark Arrestor/Muffler combination for 2-and 4-stroke engines that are legal. If you are unsure about your spark arrestor, ask a Forest Service Officer or the manufacturer before riding.

Each year vehicles and their operators cause many wildiand fires which threaten lives and destroy property. The external temperature of an exhaust pipe at the first bend after the manifold can reach 1000 degrees. Grass ignites at about 400. Common sense and following these few simple rules will help to reduce the number of fires started each year.

1. Smoke only in enclosed vehicles or cleared areas.
2. Do not smoke while riding.
3. Avoid tall grass, and other dry vegetation that might come in contact with hot vehicle parts.
4. Stop often to clean grass and debris from skid pans and other grass catchers.
5. Stop only in cleared areas.
6. Do not spin wheels unecessarily.
7. Do not overfill fuel tanks.
8. Use brakes cautiously. Locked or over-used brakes can overheat and ignite.

You Can Be Held Liable For The Suppression Costs Of Any Fire You Cause.


The 360 acre OHV area contains over four miles of trails. Restrooms and water are provided at the trailhead. The campground is 1/2 mile south of the trailhead parking area. There are 15 campsites available in the campground on a first come, first served basis. Restrooms, water, fire rings, tables and parking spurs are provided. Fire may only be used within the fire rings provided in the campground. A trail is provided between the campground and the OHV riding area for non-highway legal vehicles.

Vandalism is a big problem which causes money to be spent for repairs rather than additional improvements. Please Help Us Keep The Area Safe And Clean. Report acts of vandalism and illegal activities to Forest Service Stations, or call WE TIP at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Other Activities

Target shooting and hunting are not permitted in this area. Other applicable regulations are posted at the trailhead and in the campground.

Directions to the OHV Area

Form the West: Take I-5 to San Juan Capistrano. Exit the freeway onto the Ortega Hwy.(Hwy. 74) east bound. Follow Hwy. 74 east for approx. 25 miles to the Forest Service Station at El Cariso. A Visitor Center at this location is staffed on weekends year-round and Fri. through Mon. during the summer for your convenience. If you choose not to stop, continue past the Station for approx. 1000 ft. to the intersection with Killen Road (formerly South Main Divide road). Turn right and follow the road south for approx. 9 miles to the Wildomar OHV area. The area is well posted so be sure you are in the designated OHV area before riding.

From the East: Take Hwy. 91 to I-is south. Follow I-is approx. 22 miles to the Hwy. 74 exit. Travel west on 74 approx. 12 miles, through Lake Elsinore and up into the mountains via the Ortega Hwy. (Hwy.74). Follow the Hwy. to the intersection with the Killen Road (if you reach the Forest Service Fire Station you have passed it). Turn left and follow the road south for approx. 9 miles to the Wildomar OHV area. The area is well posted so be sure you are in the designated OHV area before riding.

Alternative OHV Areas

1. DeAnza State OHV Area:
Hwy. 60 between between Beaumont and Riverside.

2. Hungry Valley State OHV Area:
I-5 at Gorman, north of L.A., (1 hr.)

3. Ballinger Cyn., Los Padres Ntn'I Forest:
Off Hwy. 33, 30 miles west of Taft between Ventura and Taft, (2.5 hrs.)

4. Corral Canyon, Cleveland Ntn'I Forest:
East of San Diego.

5. Glammis Sand Dunes, B.LM.:
I-8 to Hwy. 86 north to Hwy. 78.

6. Gordon's Well, B.L.M.:
I-8 to Hwy. 86 north to Hwy. 78 past Glammis.

All of these areas require Green Stickers. Check with local offices for additional information and requirements.

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